Running 24/7, our Mori-Seiki CNC Work Cells are the cornerstone of our Tooling Fabrication. With an accuracy of up to 0.001mm (0.0001in.), the 20,000 RPM Spindles are driven with Direct Scale Feedback via absolute positioning optical scales that demonstrate unequalled accuracy and repeatability on all axis.

We are the first company in China and South East Asia who installed and use the Mori-Net Global Machine Networking System. With Mori-Net we are able to remotely manage machine tools from anywhere, dramatically improving operations efficiency. Mori-Net gathers and distributes machine network data such as operating rates and production results while at the same time providing remote maintenance service from Japan to keep productivity at its peak.

By installing Renishaw Laser Non-Contact Tool Setting into our Mori Seiki CNCs, we obtain fast tool setting and tool breakage detection. By further integrating the Renishaw Lasers into our milling operations and together with the Mori Seiki Tool Management System, live data from tool-offset measurement and tool-life values are updated directly into the milling programs giving us greater accuracy and machine on time.

Using fully integrated CAD/CAM Technology, we are a licensed user of Unigraphics from Siemens, our designs are synchronous throughout the development process.

Unlike third party add-one or separate programs for 2D, 3D and Milling Operations, the integrated environment ensures that Mold Design, CAM programming and other downstream functions, is associative to the product and part models.

Change orders can be handled with a minimum of fuss as molds and NC programs are updated to new geometries. Bill of Materials and Documentation is fully integrated automatically generally component and assembly drawings based upon on the mold design.