When you need a combination of high temperature, low surface adhesion, chemical resistance and bio-compatibility in an intricate package with complex geometries and tight tolerances, you need high performance plastics. From medical devices and drug containers, critical use metal replacement and aerospace components or high wear industrial applications, we can help make your idea a reality.

We injection mould fluoropolymers and other high-performance materials in high volume every day. Materials such FEP, PFA, PEEK, PEI, PIA, TPI, PBI and brands like EXTEM, TORLON, ULTEM give you new ways to solve existing product performance problems or explore entirely new product possibilities replacing traditional materials such steel or aluminum. You get better product performance for less than you thought. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

With our in-house Sumitomo Demag Injection Molding Machines, we have the capability and ability to deliver repeatability and precision. Our Molding and Engineering Team are certified Master Molders I and II from RJG Plastics where we have conducted multiple on-site training programs. Continuous improvement applies also to our people and learning how to do better every day applying the latest technologies and methodologies from a scientific point of view.

We are not for everyone. We don’t mould commodity plastics or bid in auctions. We help you figure out the really tough stuff. From impossible designs through volume production, Western Tool & Mold does what other have dreamed of, failed at or been said couldn’t be done. Let us help you get your problem solved.